Student & Alumni Affairs

A Welcome Message from Laila Maher

Dean of Student and Alumni Affairs

Now more than ever it is crucial for artists to be supported as they pursue their craft. The life of an artist as well as that of a student involves much more than the classroom and the work itself, and this is where the Office of Student Affairs comes in. In addition to guiding new students through the process of transitioning to the School of the Arts, we plan the School-wide orientation, School of the Arts Convocation, and support student groups, events, and activities. 

We also play a critical role in connecting School of the Arts students to the larger university and necessary services, and help students navigate many of the central offices including Health Services (which houses the Office of Disability Services, Insurance, Immunization, and Counseling and Psychological Services), Columbia Residential, Public Safety, University Life, the International Students and Scholars Office, and the Registrar's Office. Our office also helps to uphold many of the School and University-wide policies and we manage the School’s disciplinary procedures.

The Artists’ Resource Center, also part of our Office, maintains information on funding opportunities and career resources for students and alumni at the Columbia University School of the Arts, and provides consultations to students and alumni to help them look for professional development opportunities and more.

After graduation, the Office of Alumni Affairs provides more than 7000 alumni artists, creators, and leaders with opportunities to stay connected with the School of the Arts, the Columbia Alumni Association (CAA), and one another through alumni programming, benefits, a monthly newsletter, and collaborations with CAA Arts Access.

Our ultimate goal is to support our students and alums while they pursue their education as valued members of our dynamic community and as they navigate their time after graduation.

Student & Alumni News

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Tali Keren '16 showcases her evocative exhibition Un-Charting in The James Gallery at CUNY Graduate Center, New York.

The Tribeca Film Festival, which will take place June 7-18, 2023, will feature several films from Columbia alumni and faculty.

Logan Reed ’21is the Associate Director of Grey House, a new psychological thriller to hit the Broadway stage.

Every night from May 1 to May 31, 2023,

Visual Arts alumna Aki Sasamoto ’07 has been honored with the prestigious 2023 Calder Prize, receiving a $50,000 cash award and the opportunity to

Associate Professor Heidi Julavits '96 has been chosen as a recipient of the prestigious Berlin Prize.

Award-winning film Monsoon Wedding (dir. Mira Nair, 2001) has been adapted into a new musical.

Stay Awake, a film featuring the talents of a group of distinguished School of the Arts alumni, has begun its theatrical journey.

Alumnus Matthew Gellman ’18 has emerged victorious in the highly prestigious 22nd Annual A. Poulin, Jr.

Graduating Film student Yoko Kohmoto ’23 is among the winners of Columbia University’s prestigious Campbell Award.