School of the Arts Dean’s Council

The Dean’s Council for Columbia University School of the Arts is a valuable asset in helping to expand the reach of the School’s work, and serves as an important resource to provide advice, counsel, and support. The Dean benefits from the extensive knowledge and experience of the council members from the business, government, and non-profit sectors. Council members serve as ambassadors for the School among friends, associates, and colleagues, and increase awareness of the work of the School, our alumni, and our faculty.


Ramona Bronkar Bannayan, SOA ’86

Albert Berger, SOA ’83

Janice Chan-Choy

Jacob Collins, CC ’86

Erik Feig, CC ’92

Wendy Finerman

Michel Hausmann, SOA ’14

Nancy Lemann, SOA ’84

Grace Leone

Carolyn Lowe

Winston Lowe, LW ’75

Pamela McCorduck, SOA ’70

Katharina Otto-Bernstein (Chair) CC ’86, SOA ’92

Joe Pizza

Lauren Rosenkranz

Eric Roth

Steve Schwartz, SOA ’73

Jeffrey Sharp, SOA ’01

Ron Simons, CC ’82, BU ’89

Patricia M. Sovern, D.A.

Jeremy Smith

Dr. Aaron Stern, GF ’51, PS ’61

Betty Lee Stern

Leonard Tow, Ph.D., GF ’52, GF ’60

Barbara Whitman, SOA ’05

Beau Willimon, CC ’99, SOA ’03

Henry Woo, SIPA ’03