Student Employment

School of the Arts Application and Time sheet System

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School of the Arts Student Job Application Instructions

Click here for School of the Arts Application Instructions.

Student Payroll Guidelines and Timesheet Instructions

Payroll Calendar and Submission Deadlines

Student payroll occurs every two weeks based on the annual student payroll calendar. Hourly student payroll is paid on a bi-weekly schedule. However, for those students that are teaching assistants or teaching fellows, all payments are processed on a semi-monthly schedule. 

The student work week runs from Monday to Sunday and timesheets must be submitted for approval every other Thursday by 12 noon except holidays. Columbia University payroll checks will be mailed directly from the bank to employee home addresses listed in the system if the student has not opted for direct deposit.

Click here for School of the Arts Student Timesheet Instructions.

Please note that all students are expected to submit their timesheet(s) online by the deadline. This allows supervisors time to review and approve timesheets prior to their deadline. Courtesy reminder emails are sent out prior to all payroll deadlines to both students and supervisors. To make sure email reminders are delivered to your inbox, you must add [email protected] to your contacts list.

Earnings Limits

Students hired with a service position are compensated at an hourly rate for a maximum number of hours. Students may not work over the maximum cumulative hours allocated without prior approval from their program DAA. Hours worked are contingent upon your availability. We encourage you to plan ahead and determine your schedule with your supervisor so that you are able to schedule enough hours to work up to your maximum allocation. The position supervisor reserves the right to remove students from the service position for poor performance, excessive absences or tardiness, and/or inappropriate behavior or misconduct.

Students may be hired for a casual pay position. These positions have a budgeted maximum amount. The needs of the employer determine the hours to be worked and the budget is not a guarantee of earnings.

Click here for an example on how to track service position or casual pay balances.

Hour Limits During the Semester(s)

International students may not work more than 20 hours per week in all jobs across the University during the semesters they are enrolled as full-time students.

Domestic students are limited to 20 hours per week during the semesters they are enrolled as full-time students but supervisors may request an increase in the hours if needed. This request must be submitted at least one pay period in advance to allow for review and approval.

Students on appointments (Teaching Assistants and Teaching Fellows) who hold additional student service positions and/or casual pay positions are limited to 15 hours per week during the term of the appointment. The appointment counts as 5 hours per week.

Hour Limits During the Summer and Semester Breaks

When students are not enrolled they may work up to 40 hours per week.

Direct Deposit

To enroll in direct deposit:

  1. Log into MyColumbia with your UNI and password
  2. Go to the Faculty and Staff tab
  3. Select "PAC (People at Columbia)"
  4. Click on Payroll  & Compensation
  5. Click on Direct Deposit
  6. You can then add account details by selecting the "+" button under accounts (remember to click "save" when you're done!)

The system will send a confirmation email to your Lionmail account when you have successfully set up direct deposit. For further instructions, please review the Direct Deposit in PAC video


To update your home address in the system:

  1. Log into MyColumbia with your UNI and password
  2. Go to the Faculty and Staff tab
  3. Select "PAC (People at Columbia)"
  4. Click on Personal Details, and here you can add or amend your Home Address entry


NY & NJ Sick Leave

Columbia University complies with the New York City Earned Safe and Sick Time Act and the New Jersey Sick Leave Law.