Support the Next Generation of Artists

Launching a fellowship initiative in 2021

School of the Arts graduate students come to Columbia University to study with our renowned faculty in visual arts, writing, theatre, and film. The lifelong collaborations they forge with these faculty, their classmates and our alumni, as well as unparalleled access to the arts worlds of New York City, provide them with the great possibilities for success. 

Student artists are an important element of arts’ ecosystems. They are the future of art making. But a life in the arts is a challenging one, yet those who choose it, can choose no other. Their hearts and minds are committed to creativity and to telling the stories that move society to rethink itself and its possibilities for the future. As important as this work is, many student artists nonetheless experience great hurdles in financing their education. Securing the necessary time to develop their talents without the distractions of financial need is essential to focusing on a creative practice.  We therefore are deeply committed to partnering with alumni, families and friends to provide our students with transformative fellowships that will allow them to study at Columbia. The School is strengthened daily by these most talented students who come from every part of the United States and the world

To achieve these goals, our philanthropic partners are essential. 

At this moment of unprecedented challenges, we are doubling our efforts to recruit and support our student artists. The School of the Arts Dean’s Council is proud to announce the launch of the Columbia University School of the Arts fellowship initiative to Support the Next Generation of Artists. Over the next five years, we will partner with extraordinary alumni, families, and friends to raise 50 new full scholarships for student artists at Columbia. Every gift from our donors is meaningful and signals the belief that artists and their work are essential to society. 

Artists will sustain and enliven us in the days and years to come. The stories they will tell—the images, texts, live productions they will create—will be the bellwether of our shared experiences. Together we can help artists commit to their creative paths, ensuring a world deepened by their vision and propelled by their imaginations. We are grateful to have extraordinary partners in this effort.

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Support the Next Generation of Artists Matching Program

Columbia University School of the Arts is pleased to announce the launch of a Matching Program for endowed fellowship gifts.