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This is Who We Are

This Is Who We Are is a series featuring Columbia School of the Arts’ professors, covering careers, pedagogy, and art-making during a pandemic.

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Filmmakers Connect

In this series, we feature the new mentorship program that connects recent alumni with industry professionals.

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Animation Conversations

Animation Conversations is an interview series with Film faculty, students, and alumni where we discuss working as screenwriters, directors, and producers in the animation industry.

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Ghost Light, Meet the Dramaturg

Ghost Light, Meet the Dramaturgs is a Theatre series featuring Columbia Dramaturg students, faculty, and alumni, learning about their work, aspirations, and pandemic passion projects.

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Constructing Futures: Making Ecological Art in an Age of Uncertainty

Constructing Futures is a biweekly series that features artists who use found materials, natural resources and the landscape to construct work that addresses the harsh realities of our ecological age.

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A Poet's Life

A Poet’s Life is a series where we talk with Columbia poets about everything from living as a poet to making a living as a poet.

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Stars Behind the Stars

A bi-weekly series featuring theatre makers behind the scenes.

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Meet the Filmmakers Behind 2022 CUFF

The Columbia University Film Festival (CUFF) is a celebration of the Film Program’s students and alumni, screening shorts from exciting emerging talents, and bringing filmmakers together. For this series, we reached out to the filmmakers behind just a few of CUFF’s most unique films to talk about craft, process, and story.