Summer Programs at the School of the Arts

Summer Programs

Summer Programs at the School of the Arts

Each summer, School of the Arts welcomes students of all ages and levels of artistic experience to Columbia’s campus in New York City and to Columbia's Global Centers around the world. Summer arts courses are created and taught by School of the Arts graduate faculty, as well as by guest artists who are leaders in their fields.

NEW - Arts & Culture in NYC Focus Area
For those interested in taking more than one course this summer, the new Arts and Culture in NYC Focus Area will include exclusive co-curriculars, a certification of participation, and opportunities for on-campus housing and work-based stipends.

Admissions to summer programs at the School of the Arts is open to all who want to study with us. The application is fast and easy and neither a transcript nor a BA is required. 

Columbia students do not need to apply, but they do need to register. All visiting students will need to apply to the School of Professional Studies and register upon acceptance.

Summer Schedule

FULL SUMMER TERM (X) May 20–August 9, 2024
SESSION A May 20–June 28, 2024
SESSION B July 1–August 9, 2024

Summer 2024 Deadlines

I learned not to fear colors. Not only that, I learned to love them deeply. Before I would only draw with pencil or in black and white, but after this course my medium needs color in it. It has changed how I view the world – every day is more interesting now that it is bursting with color.

Student, Introduction to Painting, 2015
Madeline Moriss
Madeline Morris: Preparing to Work for Stephen Colbert

Undergraduate Visiting Student Madeline Morris was drawn from the University of Virginia to Columbia University during Columbia Summer 2017 for the Arts in the Summer program.

Deborah Ten
Deborah Ten: Transitioning from PR to Copywriter

Deborah Ten graduated from university in Tokyo and works as a copywriter and Japanese-to-English translator. She attended Columbia University during Columbia Summer 2017 as a visiting student in the Arts in the Summer program.

Our instructor brought a magic to the classroom. His knowledge of poetry, both conventional and contemporary, his gift for finding the value in every student's work, his ability to find ways to further improve upon this value, were incomparable.

Student, Advanced Poetry Workshop, 2015


For questions related to admissions, registration, tuition, housing, transcripts, examinations, grades, university resources, and important dates, please email [email protected].

For course-related questions, such as curricula, syllabi, materials, prerequisites, and faculty, please send an email directly to the Summer Departmental Representative for the course. They are:

Departmental Representative for Film
Screenwriting I; TV Writing; Producing the Low-Budget Film, Developing the Low-Budget Film; Tech Arts (DaVicini) and Tech Arts (Avid).
[email protected]

Departmental Representative for Film
Intro to the Study and Theory of Film; Contemporary Global Documentary: New York and The Superhero; History of American Independent Film.
[email protected]

Professor, The New York Theatre Event
[email protected]


Departmental Representative for Writing
[email protected]

Departmental Representative for Visual Arts
[email protected]