Frequently Asked Questions

Will my course count toward degree credits at my home institution?

Students who wish to transfer a record of courses and grades to another institution must order an official transcript. Determination of the amount of credit to be given, if any, rests solely with the student's home institution (please note that most universities around the world recognize Columbia University credit-bearing courses). Applications for transfer of record should not be submitted before the session is completed.


Are there special application procedures for international students?

International students must register for either six points in six weeks, or twelve points in twelve weeks in order to secure the F1 student visa. Please be aware of additional application and visa requirements, registration obligations, and earlier deadlines.


Do summer arts courses have prerequisites?

Pre-requisites are required for some courses. All pre-requisites are listed in the individual course descriptions, found on the Summer 2020 Courses page.

Is summer housing available?

For general summer courses, please see the Admissions, Registration & Housing page.


For the Painting, Photography and Television Writing Intensives, limited housing will be available on a first come, first served basis. 


What will it cost?

The School of Professional Studies administers summer courses. Visit the School of Professional Studies website, select the option that best describes you, and find the appropriate admissions information.

Is there financial aid available for summer courses?

University financial aid is not available for non-degree summer courses. However, graduate or professional students pursuing postbaccalaureate training at Columbia can apply for private loans to offset the costs of tuition and housing. For more information, please visit Student Financial Services: Student Financial Services - Private Loans


How do I apply?

Applications for Summer Arts are currently live. Application is fast and easy; no transcript is required and applicants need have neither arts experience nor a BA.


There is no deadline for most standard courses. Applications for the Television Writing and Painting Intensives require submission of a portfolio and have a preferred application deadline of April 1.