Student & Alumni Affairs

Student & Alumni Affairs

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A Welcome Message from Laila Maher

Dean of Student and Alumni Affairs

The Office of Student Affairs provides a wide range of services. In addition to guiding new students through the process of transitioning to the School of the Arts, we plan the School-wide orientation, graduation ceremony, and many events and panels in between. We assist students with registration, billing, and co-curricular requirements and activities. We support student groups and manage student events and activities, and we help students navigate many of the central offices across the University, including Health Services (which houses the Office of Disability Services, Insurance, Immunization, and Counseling and Psychological Services), Career Services, Housing, Public Safety, University Life, the International Students and Scholars Office, and the Registrars Office. Our office also helps to uphold many of the School and University-wide policies and we manage the School’s disciplinary procedures.

The Artists’ Resource Center (ARC), also part of our Office, is a portal containing specially curated funding opportunities and career resources for students and alumni at the Columbia University School of the Arts. Available exclusively to School of the Arts students and alumni, the ARC is host to a database of more than 1,100 grants, scholarships, residencies, and other funding opportunities for artists. The ARC also contains resources for professional artists, from financial and legal services to grantwriting tips and information about joining guilds and unions.

After graduation, the Office of Alumni Affairs provides more than 7000 alumni artists, creators, and leaders with meaningful opportunities to stay connected with the School of the Arts, the Columbia Alumni Association (CAA), and one another through alumni programming, benefits, a monthly newsletter, and collaborations with CAA Arts Access.

We are also the best place to go when you’re not sure what to do or whom to ask your question. Ultimately, the most important thing we do is support and advocate for our students during their time at the School and into their lives as alumni.

Student & Alumni News

A Poet's Life is a series where we talk with Columbia poets about everything from living as a poet to making a living as a poet.

Rebel Satori Press recently published Sleeptalking by Alumnus Antonio Addressi '20.

The Columbia University Film Festival (CUFF) will present its annual Andrew Sarris Award to Canadian director and screenwriter Deborah Chow ’03.

Undergraduate Film alumnus Asher Grodman '10 (CC) has landed a starring role on Ghosts, a new comedy from CBS.

Alumnus Vikram Divecha ‘19 is featured in a solo show at Gallery Isabelle van den Eynde in Dubai. 

Flexible Press will publish the debut novel Ready, Set, Oh by Alumnus Diane Josefowicz '08 on May 3, 2022.

The 2022 South by Southwest (SXSW) Film Festival, which ran from March 11-20, featured several projects from Columbia filmmakers.

Alumnus Khari Turner ‘21 is featured in his first solo exhibition in

Kelvin Dinkins Jr. ’14 has been named the Executive Director of the 

Playwriting alumnus Julián Mesri ’20 and Dramaturg alumna Meropi Peponides ’13

Creative Producing alumna Sarah-Kate Fenelon ‘18 is a producer on season two of the acclaimed Amazon series,