Student Employment

Federal Work-Study Program

The Federal Work-Study Program is an employment program for students in need of financial assistance. Matriculated students who are U.S. citizens (or who have permanent resident status) should verify their eligibility for the program by consulting Student Financial Planning, Columbia University, 208 Kent Hall, MC 9208, 1140 Amsterdam Avenue, New York, NY  10027, before applying for positions. A student’s FAFSA form must be on file with Student Financial Planning for determination of eligibility. (See the section of this bulletin titled “Financial Aid” for more information regarding the FAFSA). For more information, visit

Under current regulations, students may work up to twenty hours per week, earning from $12 to $20 per hour depending on the nature of the job and their skills (Work-Study Wage Range). Employment usually begins about two weeks after classes start in the fall and ends in the first week of May. Depending on the availability of funds, students may be able to work full-time during vacation periods in the academic year, and full-time employment is usually available for the summer, with the summer working period beginning in early July. Incoming students may begin work-study employment in September. Most positions are administrative or research oriented and are located in University offices. However, there are some off-campus positions, including internships and field work.

Work-Study funds for School of the Arts students are limited. Students are responsible for monitoring their funds and adhering to School of the Arts Work-Study deadlines. School of the Arts Work-Study policies information is included in admissions packets or from the Office of Admissions and Financial Aid, 305 Dodge Hall.


Students eligible for the Work-Study Program may be able to work in an internship capacity for various off-campus non-profit arts organizations. Employers have included the National Writer’s Voice, Bank Street School, Second Stage Theatre, Parnassus, Film Society at Lincoln Center, and the Paris Review. Openings for these jobs are posted by email to School of the Arts students when they become available. Students may propose nonprofit organizations for consideration to the Office of Student Affairs, 305 Dodge Hall.     

School of the Arts Artists' Resource Center (ARC)

[email protected]

The Artists’ Resource Center and Office of SoA Career Services is located at the School of the Arts Dean’s Office in 305 Dodge Hall. This artist-oriented center tailors career development programs and services to meet the needs of students from the School of the Arts. The primary goal is to provide services and artists’ resources that will thoroughly prepare students for successful careers in professional practice, teaching, producing and many other opportunities. The office, offers a complete range of resources and career services including career development workshops, internship programs, mentorship programs and job search services. Students also have the opportunity to more fully experience their craft of choice by participating in one of the many professional development programs offered within each of the school’s four programs.

ARC Website

The ARC website provides updated information on funding and professional development opportunities. Students and alumni can access the site to search for scholarships, grants, fellowships, residencies and employment. This database is only accessible by matriculated students.