Student John Levee in 31st Annual All-Student Juried Exhibition

BY Brittany Nguyen, February 1, 2021

The Homer and Dolly Hand Art Center at Stetson University in Deland, Florida presents the 31st Annual All-Student Juried Exhibition, awarding student artists for their original works. Current student John Levee is awarded the “Take the Cake Award” alongside Trevor Hamlin for the artwork “A Walk in the Woods.”


Levee and Hamlin are both frequent collaborators. For this project Hamlin completed most of the sound work and Levee completed a large part of the video work.


Levee (b. 1998, Jacksonville, FL) is a multimedia artist, researcher, field recordist, and composer. In many instances, through the use of multichannel speaker arrays, he aims to immerse his audience into the piece, which he believes allows them to relate more personally to the work, understand its meaning, and ultimately find enjoyment in experiencing it. Thematically, he often highlights the relationship between humans and the natural world, which allows him to spend large amounts of time field recording. He hopes that increased audience relation to his work surrounding this theme, also forces audiences to examine their own relationship with nature. Levee also explores the relationship between audio and a variety of visual mediums, including film, video games, and virtual reality. He is currently a first year candidate for the MFA in Sound Art from Columbia University.

The center is now open Monday through Saturday with COVID-related protocols in place.