Associate Professor Shelley Silver Featured in Group Exhibition ‘back forward rewind’

BY Brittany Nguyen, January 7, 2021

Single-channel video installation, 50’. Courtesy of the artist.

Associate Professor Shelley Silver’s piece “frog spider hand horse house” is featured in the group exhibition back forward rewind at MediaArtLab in Moscow, Russia. 


The anniversary exhibition of MediaArtLab takes place online featuring over 20 international artists and is an in-depth review of themes and artistic methods developed by the lab. back forward rewind is a lens to convey the artists’ view of the past, future, and present. 


The exhibition title suggests a free surfing through artworks—as if they were frames of an elusive fluid world—and through the imaginations of the artists, each of them having contributed to the image of contemporary media art.


Silver’s “frog spider hand horse house” is a fifty-minute long single-channel video installation “fascinated by observing all living things: a bat, a frog, a horse, a pianist, a teenage choir, senior citizens practicing tai chi; her gaze is attracted by their strength and the will to live that is equally inherent in ‘nature’ and in ‘humanity.’ Shelly Silver tries to capture this earthly magic with the help of man-made magic, the magic of film and the artist’s touch,” according to MediaArtLab.


Silver is an artist working with film, video, and photography. Her films have been broadcasted by BBC (UK), PBS (USA), Arte (Germany), Planète+ (France), and others. Her works have been exhibited at festivals and institutions including Kunsthalle Wien, Shanghai Duolun Museum of Modern Art, The Museum of Modern Art (New York), The Kitchen (New York), Centre Pompidou (Paris), Tate Modern (London), The Museum of Contemporary Art (Los Angeles), The London ICA, Berlin Film Festival and others. 


“frog spider hand horse house” can be viewed online from December 18, 2020 through January 10th, 2021.