Visual and Sound Arts Students and Alumni Showcased in Summer Exhibitions

Angeline Dimambro
August 17, 2023

Numerous students and alumni from the Visual and Sound Arts Program are featured in two notable summer exhibitions.

in medias res is the summer showcase featuring works from Columbia University’s Visual and Sound Art classes of ‘23 and ‘24. Curated by Columbia Graduate School of Arts and Sciences student Aidan Ford Chisholm and Modern and Contemporary Art student Farren Fei Yuan, the exhibition comprises an open-ended conversation among works that is fragmentary in essence, inviting viewers into the midst of action without preamble or conclusion. Affording a window into the artists’ oeuvres during this specific period in their careers, in medias res evokes a particular moment in space and time with works that reflect the social currents of today. Albeit each coming from a distinct vantage point, the fifty participating artists come together in inviting viewers to question established narratives, reconsider artistic conventions, and imagine alternative futures.

The following Columbia artists have work featured in the show: alumni Robbie Rodgers ’23, Anna-Ting Möller ’23, Kevin Cobb ’23, Adjunct Assistant Professor Calvin Kim ’23, Garrett Scott Ball ’23, Merry Sun ’23, Jeffrey Halstead ’23, Amadeo Morelos Favela ’23, Alison Nguyen ’23, Paul Rho ’23, Vivian Vivas ’23, Sang Min Lee ’23, Christopher Michel Torres ’23, Adjunct Assistant Professor Motohiro Takeda ’23, Adjunct Assistant Professor Shuai Yang ’23, Char Jeré ’23, Albert Samreth ’23, Adjunct Assistant Professor Elisheva Gavra ’23, Adjunct Assistant Professor Nicholas Farhi ’23, Meaghan Elyse Lueck ’23, Conor Dowdle ’23, Cecilia Caldiera ’23, and current students Erica Enriquez, Sasha Fishman + Earth Ængel, Candela Bado, Andie Carver, Kai Oh, Ian HaSofya Shpurova, Youngmin Park, Taekyung (TK) Suh, JOHANNA, Valeria Guillén, Julian Zehnder, Jing Harren, Yiwei Lu, Alana DeVito, Chloe (Chuqiao) Li, Klara (Zhiqian) Wang, Roxana Kadyrova, Tayler Sean Harrison, Benjamin Salesse, Laurena Finéus, Kristian Kragelund, Aristotle Forrester, and Steven Stallings.

The exhibition is on view now through August 25, 2023 at theBLANC Art Space in New York City.

You will also encounter works from current students and alumni at the Fredric Snitzer Gallery’s group show, Stand-outs: Selections from the Columbia MFA Program. On view now through August 19, 2023, Stand-outs showcases the work of twenty-one emerging artists, highlighting a diverse range of culture makers across intersecting disciplines and media. Each artist explores different ideas and themes within their work while collectively building a cultural web of our current reality, thinking critically about materials, histories, social dynamics, and what the future holds. Curated in collaboration with artist Tomas Vu, the Artistic Director of the LeRoy Neiman Center for Print Studies, this exhibition seeks to spotlight the superlative and robust quality of work from the next generation of contemporary artists.

Below is a list of the students and alumni featured in the group show:

Alumni Garrett Scott Ball '23, Ray Barsante ’23, Cecilia Caldiera '23, Adjunct Assistant Professor and Master Printer and Studio Manager of the LeRoy Neiman Center for Print Studies Nathan Catlin ’12, Kevin Cobb '23, Amadeo Morelos Favela '23, Calvin Kim '23, Sang Min Lee '23, Paul Rho '23, Jairo Sosa ’23, Motohiro Takeda '23, Christopher Michel Torres '23, Vivian Vivas '23, Ming Wang ’23, Shuai Yang 23, and students Aristotle Forrester, Ian Ha, Sharon He, Roxana Kadyrova, Claudia YeeJae Kim, and JOHANNA

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