Sound Art Alumnus Nolan Lem ’15 Receives Fellowship at Chalmers Institute of Technology

Carlos Barragán
June 26, 2023

Sound Art alumnus Nolan Lem ’15 has landed a post-doctoral fellowship at the prestigious Chalmers Institute of Technology, where he will conduct innovative research in a field that connects with his previous work based on computer and generative music.  

At Chalmers, Lem will work with the Applied Acoustics department, looking into how sound works in public spaces, a field known as 'auditive architecture'. His research involves the application of acoustical principles to the design of public spaces, with the goal of creating functional and aesthetically pleasing environments for the people who use them. It will help society design sound for immersive environments in public settings, which tend to be spacious, functional, and interactive in nature.

“This post-doctoral fellowship, which overlaps with aspects in my arts practice, allows me to extend my previous research in a slightly new direction since it deals with designing and evaluating perceptual aspects of sound in acoustic spaces,” Lem said. “It allows me to demonstrate my capacity to conduct innovative research in an adjacent field that connects with previous work that was based more in computer and generative music.”

Lem's work has been displayed in various venues like the Museum of Modern Art Buenos Aires, Pioneer Works in Brooklyn, L’HOSTE Art Contemporain in Arles, France, and the Danish National Museum of Music. He has held residencies at IRCAM, MassMoCA, Cité Internationale des Arts, and the Bemis Center for Contemporary Art. In 2020, as a Danish Fulbright scholar, he teamed up with the Sound and Music Computing department at Aalborg University Copenhagen.