Kamari Carter '19 Joins Microscope Gallery

Angeline Dimambro
August 31, 2023

Earlier this month, Microscope Gallery announced their representation of Sound Art alumnus Kamari Carter '19.

The announcement follows Carter’s solo exhibition at Microscope this past spring. The show, entitled Phantom Power, featured sound installations and single-channel videos by Carter, which together invited viewers to ask themselves whose narratives and voices are heard, and how that reflects upon systems of control and oppression in the US. “Through scrupulous editing, voice amplification, and use of various broadcasting technologies, Carter confronts the viewer with the urgency of current threats to our society, as well as those in our history that many would prefer to ignore or forget,” read the exhibition statement.

Representation for emerging artists is important for numerous reasons: it offers artists protection in the marketplace, especially as they are first growing, and it also communicates that a gallery has a long term, vested interest in their artistic development. Galleries can also act as key connectors between artists and influential figures in the art world at large.

Reflecting on the news of his representation, Carter said, “I'm very grateful for the team at Microscope and their belief in my work.”

Read more about Carter and his work with Microscope Gallery here.

Kamari Carter is a producer, performer, sound designer, and installation artist primarily working with sound and found objects. Driven by the probative nature of perception and the concept of conversation and social science, he seeks to expand narrative structures through sonic stillness. Carter’s work has been exhibited at such venues as Automata Arts, MoMA, Mana Contemporary, RISD Museum, Flux Factory, Lenfest Center for the Arts, WaveHill and has been featured in a range of major publications including ArtNet, Precog Magazine, LevelGround and WhiteWall. Carter holds a BFA in Music Technology from California Institute of the Arts and an MFA in Sound Art from Columbia.