'Impastoral' by Brandan Griffin '19 Available for Pre-Order

BY William Hutton, December 21, 2021

A new full-length poetry collection by alumnus Brandan Griffin ’19 is ready for pre-order with Chicago University Press. 


In Impastoral, Griffin’s poems blur the boundaries of language and species, inviting us to imagine a new world where the possible voices of ‘outsides’ and ‘insides’––slug, probe, horse carriage, sewer, potted plant, lab rat, vampire, bot fly, giant cow––are neither human nor nonhuman. These poems form a collection of living connections, looped interiorities strung together in worlds tunneling through worlds. Reading Impastoral is an experience of becoming deformed and merged into the experiences of other beings. 

Brandan Griffin was born in Massachusetts and now lives in Sunnyside, New York. He is the author of the chapbook Four Concretures, and his poems have been published by Tagvverk, Chicago Review, and Word for/Word. Impastoral, his first book, won the Omnidawn Open Book Contest, selected by Brian Teare and is set for released in April 2022.