Anonymous, Produced by Film Student Ash Matthews-Warren, Now Streaming

Joséphine Simonian
November 09, 2023

Anonymous, produced by Film student Ash Matthews-Warren, is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

Directed by British filmmaker Alasdair Mackay, Anonymous tracks a mysterious man joining an unconventional recovery meeting in the hope of redemption; but will his addiction condemn him? For Matthews-Warren, the film is a love letter to all of the people she has lost to addiction, and is a mark of her support for the Sobriety community and movement. Originally an actress and producer on the project, the COVID-19 pandemic prevented her from flying to the shoot location in London, so she remained a satellite, LA-based producer. 

Matthews-Warren, a student in the Producing concentration, is already an accomplished producer and actress with an extensive resume. Prior to Columbia she studied psychology, sociology, literature and theater at Oxford University in the UK from 2009-2010. She finished her multiple degrees in Theatre, Forensic Anthropology, and Education at UCLA in 2013. In between, she produced, co-directed and starred as Daisy in the 2018 theater debut of Turn Off the Lights at McCadden Place Theatre in Hollywood, California. She has been working as an actor since her teenage years, and notably was a featured extra in the hit Princess Diaries 2.