Writing Alum Peter Patapis '20 Releases Chapbook ‘How To Become Stupid’

Lisa Cochran
February 08, 2024

How To Become Stupid, a poetry chapbook by Peter Patapis ’20, has been published by Bottlecap Press. 

How To Become Stupid probes the demarcation between stupidity and awe. A self-proclaimed depiction of “becoming stupid,” How To Become Stupid features poems spoken by a narrator who must resist his own brain to surrender to his body. As the narrator does so, he discovers light and a new god. 

How To Become Stupid centers around both the spiritual and mundane, yearning for what is holy amid current hellish landscapes. It is at once grating and withdrawn. 

How To Become Stupid is available for purchase here

Peter Patapis currently lives in Brooklyn. He is also the author of chapbooks Green Dream (Choo Choo Press, 2021) and An Incense Named Magenta (Choo Choo Press, 2024). His poetry can be read in Some Kind of Opening and Recliner Magazine.