Tangle, 2019, by David Humphrey

Visual Arts Mentor, David Humphrey in Solo Exhibition 'Recent Paintings'

BY Audrey Deng, August 6, 2020

Visual Arts Mentor David Humphrey has a solo exhibition of his newest paintings at Pamela Salisbury Gallery. Titled Recent Paintings, the exhibition is showing as one of six one-person concurrent exhibitions the gallery is hosting during the month of August.

Four paintings comprise Humphrey’s Recent Paintings: “Walt and Pete” (2019), “Tangle” (2019), “Truck and Nude” (2019) and “Driver” (2019). His paintings are an engaging combination of precision and blurriness, like being far-sighted and near-sighted at the same time.

Humphrey is a New York artist who has been showing his paintings and sculpture internationally since the 1980’s. Blind Handshake, an anthology of his art writing, was published in 2010 and includes a variety of reviews, essays, and curatorial statements. Humphrey has won the Rome Prize, a Guggenheim fellowship, and a variety of grants including an NEA and the New York State Council for the Arts. Humphrey has done numerous solo exhibitions in New York at the McKee Gallery, Sikkema Jenkins & Co., and is currently represented by Fredericks & Freiser. He received his BFA from MICA and an MA from NYU. More of his prints, sculptures, and drawings can be found on his website.

Walt and Pete, by David Humphrey