Stipan Tadic ’20 Launches Podcast

BY Brittany Nguyen, November 18, 2020

Alumnus Stipan Tadic ’20 launches a podcastStipan WKCR MFA Podcast, where he interviews his peers during the Corona lockdown. The podcast began during lockdown in April.


Tadic asks each artist about their careers; how they started doing art, which projects are they working on now, their own philosophies, and sometimes personal aspects such as the impactful anecdotes from their childhood. Sometimes the podcast breaks to hear music from the artist’s hometown or ethnic background. 


Tadic asks questions such as “What do you think about talent, does it exist?” and “How much knowledge of art history is important for an artist?” He also questions about the impact of COVID-19. “Many of the questions were about how they deal creatively with it, where people are located now, and how they deal with the fact that their MFAs were interrupted by a pandemic,” Tadic told me during an interview. 


His goal is to give Columbia artists visibility, strength, and a platform to express their minds alongside the ongoing global dialogue. “I realized that we all are looking at these lectures now and zoom talks of very successful artists, but during the pandemic we lost our attention and studio time and the focus completely shifted from our work to something else,” Tadic said. “In that sense I wanted us to focus on the specific work that my colleagues are or were doing.”


The show is broadcasted every Sunday at 9 pm on WKCR FM New York, 89.9MHz.


Episodes are twice a month and around 60 minutes long.


There are currently 24 episodes out now that feature Columbia artists including:


Alumni Cary Hulbert ’16, Nathan Catlin ’12, Cara Lynch ’20, Kiyomi Taylor ’20, Baris Gokturk ’20, Roni Aviv ’20, Susan Chen ’20, Meredith Pence Wilson ’20, James Mercer ’20, Yifan Jiang ’20, Jeffrey Meris ’19, Bat-Ami Rivlin ’19, and Mónica Félix ’20


Students Sergio MiguelKeli Safia MaksudErin HollandKevin ClaiborneKaela ChambersPriscilla JeongIvana CarmanNoga CohenDenisse Griselda Reyes.


Mentors Mark DionGregory Amenoff, and Susanna Coffey.


Tadic is currently on a break from the podcast but hopes to return soon.