Second-Year Writing Student Mari Yoo Publishes Chapbook

Lisa Cochran
September 12, 2023

House Of The Dead, a chapbook by second-year Writing student Mari Yoo, is available now from Bottle Cap Press.

Set against the backdrop of the Greek mythological afterlife and opening with a young woman entering the underworld, House Of The Dead plays with forms such as anthropological notes, bulleted lists, and encyclopedia entries. Yoo’s chapbook contains a contemporary reimagining of the Orpheus and Eurydice myth, describing what becomes of them after the traditional myth ends. The work’s second half depicts the marital strife and quotidian struggles of the underworld’s King and Queen. 

“Together, they reveal an afterlife as difficult to navigate as the world of the living,” says the publisher's website. “Yet there is beauty in tragedy. As much so as there is hope in Hades.”

Mari Yoo grew up in New Jersey. They write poetry and fiction and are fond of horror films as well as “all things odd, surreal, and downright spooky.”