Photograph by alumna Hinda Weiss '19, featured in Frankfurt Notes

Recent Alumna Hinda Weiss '19 with Solo Photography Exhibit in Germany

BY Audrey Deng, October 31, 2019

From Oct. 30 to Nov. 3, recent alumna Hinda Weiss ’19 will have a solo show in Basis Projektraum, in Frankfurt, Germany. The show, Frankfurt Notes, features Weiss’s new works she made in the last three months as part of her residency at AIR_Frankfurt in partnership with Artport TLV. This exhibition is part of the Frankfurt Jewish Culture Weeks program for 2019.

Frankfurt Notes is comprised of photos and videos of a Frankfurt made surreal by Weiss’s lens. Weiss, a photographer and video artist, had applied her artist’s statement to her time in Frankfurt. On her website, she writes, “I merge places and times into non-existing yet very familiar environments.” She does this by only very gently intervening with her digital photos, but the way she collects these photos is simple: “it is me, alone, with a small camera.”

The Basis Projektraum introduced Weiss’s work with the following bit of prose written by Ramona Heinmein: “Ruins adorned with black and yellow warning ribbons, taking on strange anthropomorphic traits, a swarm of birds circling in fairytale surroundings in front of a futuristic tower, an abandoned desk under a glass cube that seems to fluoresce in the middle of a park.” Weiss’s interpretation of Frankfurt is wildly alienating yet familiar. Though this is not Weiss’s first time showing work in Frankfurt, this is her first time producing work about the city.

In a statement to the university, Weiss shared how she felt about her show, and interacting with the city’s residents: “It is fascinating to meet and talk to people who recognized the places I photographed, and have many stories to share about these places and what they mean to them.”

Weiss, born in 1980 in Cleveland, OH, is a photographer and video artist based in Tel Aviv and New York. She has received numerous awards, prizes and scholarships, including the Artis Exhibition Grant and the Outset Contemporary Young International Artist Prize. Her last two solo exhibitions were at Ludlow 38 in New York and at the Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art in Israel.