'Lego Harry Potter and the Transgender Witch' by Stage Management Student Kait Mahoney

Robbie Armstrong
February 09, 2021

Stage Management student Kait Mahoney writes LEGO Harry Potter And The Transgender Witch, a queer fanfiction parody adventure series. LEGO Harry Potter And The Transgender Witch is produced by Theatre Battery, where Mahoney also serves as General Manager. Mahoney writes alongside a team of Theatre Battery company members on this new LEGO digital series.  

In LEGO Harry Potter And The Transgender Witch, Quincy Blueburger is an eleven-year-old muggle-born LEGO. She has messy hot pink hair and she loves talking to animals. One night, an owl smashes into her bedroom window with a letter that will change her life: she has been admitted to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. With high hopes to learn magic and make new friends, Quincy arrives at the castle in the countryside to learn that she is the school’s first ever out transgender student.

Through this new digital series Theatre Battery addresses the anti-trans views recently expressed by JK Rowling. LEGO Harry Potter And The Transgender Witch investigates how an out transgender girl would navigate Hogwarts and how familiar characters from the original series would react to her.  

Kait Mahoney hails from Seattle, Washington. She is a graduate of Pacific Lutheran University. Mahoney enjoys working on new plays in development, bilingual and deaf friendly productions, and generally weird things. Recent Credits include: Kiki's Delivery ServiceThe Passion According to G.H., A New Opera (Mabou Mines) and Food for the Gods (La Mama ETC). 

Theatre Battery produces experimental plays for the suburban community of Kent, Washington, aiming to nurture audiences’ understanding of the connection between theatre and relevant social issues. As Mahoney's only source of community theatre, Theatre Battery tasks local artists to create socially testing and unapologetic work that ignites the community. Mahoney is a founding member of Theatre Battery, where radically, there’s no charge for admission.  

New episodes for LEGO Harry Potter And The Transgender Witch premiere every Monday night on Theatre Battery's Youtube channel.