Columbia Alumni and Faculty Reimagine Theatre Classics in Brooklyn Brownstone

Carlos Barragán
September 01, 2023
Double Feature poster

Columbia University alumni and faculty are making waves in the Brooklyn theater scene with a new project, Double Feature, a collective of theater artists reimagining classic plays through intimate staging and contemporary reinterpretation. The collective's debut season features two classic plays performed in a Brooklyn brownstone.

Co-founded and directed by Theater alumna Mikhaela Mahony ’19 ( BC'11) and Assistant Professor Katherine Wilkinson ’19, Double Feature will open with A Midsummer Night's Dream, directed by Wilkinson, and Macbeth, directed by Mahony. Several other Columbia alumni are involved with the project: Madalena Provo (BC '12) will act in one of the plays, while Theater alumna Elizagrace Madrone '20 serves as a dramaturg. Lee Havlicek (BC '09) handles both production and social media for the project and Christina “Cha” Ramos’ 21 (BC’12) serves as the Intimacy Director for Macbeth.

Wilkinson's A Midsummer Night's Dream invites attendees upstairs for a performance set against the light of the sun. Mahony's Macbeth, on the other hand, beckons attendees down to the basement for a dark, visceral experience. By putting on these two plays by the same playwright and staging them in the same location, Double Feature hopes to create paired, site-responsive productions that run side by side in conversation with one another. 

Given the intimate nature of these productions, ticket availability is limited with a waitlist for sold-out shows. The plays will run through September 9, 2023. 

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