Broadway For All Launches The House with Inaugural Play by Greg T. Nanni '21

Carlos Barragán
September 06, 2023

Love (Among Dreamers) by Theatre alumnus Greg T. Nanni ’21 makes its debut as the first production from Broadway For All's newly launched initiative, The House. The play commenced its run on September 1, 2023 at El Barrio Artspace and is directed by Osh Ashruf, an alumnus of The Prince Fellowship in association with Columbia University School of the Arts.

Love (Among Dreamers) unfolds around Morpheus, the God of Dreams, whose heart has been broken for a million years. To try to inspire themself to love again, they make a bet with Janus, the God of Transitions, with Morpheus' own heart on the line. Morpheus must help two mortal lovers who see each other in their dreams find each other in reality...the one place Morpheus can’t influence.

Broadway For All (BFA) was honored with a 2022 Tony Award for Excellence in the Theatre, a nod to its commitment to fostering inclusivity. The House aims to bring together industry veterans, BFA alumni, and local artists to collaboratively showcase new works by as-yet-unproduced playwrights.

“Broadway For All has remained steadfast in its mission over the past decade: offering substantial opportunities rooted in pluralism and equity,” said Ashruf. “With The House, we deepen that commitment, creating a space where emerging artists can work as equals alongside seasoned professionals.”

Greg T. Nanni is a playwright, comic book writer, dramaturg, educator, solo show performer, and former Philadelphian now living in the NYC area. He was a member of Witherspoon Circle, Passage Play Lab, Cut/Edge Collective, a former PDC Playwright in Residence at Plays & Players, and the former Literary Manager of the Idiopathic Ridiculopathy Consortium. He is the Co-Founder of the PDC Playwrights' Happy Hour, and formerly served as President on the board of the Philadelphia Dramatists’ Center.