2023 Sloan Foundation Production & Screenwriting Grant Award Winners

Angeline Dimambro
May 15, 2023

Each year, the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation partners with Columbia University to award a series of grants to recognize projects that excel in their depictions of scientific themes or characters. The Sloan Foundation is a philanthropic non-profit organization that provides major support for science and technology-related endeavors, as well as funding education and the study of economics, technologies and various industries. A committee of Film Program faculty, Science Advisors, and Sloan representatives considers proposals to compete for two Production Grants and three Screenplay Grants. From the Screenwriting grantees one finalist is chosen to compete for a Grand Jury Prize.

A complete list of 2023 Sloan Grant winners can be found below.

2023 Sloan Production Grants

Do You Have a Name

Directed by fourth-year Directing student Xiaolong Wang

Produced by Creative Producing student Bohan Zhang

This short film follows Chengyi Wang, an elderly man with severe visual impairment, who loses his lovely guide dog, Niu Niu. Intensely suffering, he rekindles his hope for life under the care of his neighbor Ai jun Zhang and his daughter, and in addition to getting a mechanical dog, he also gains a precious and warm relationship.


To Fade Away

Directed by fourth-year Directing student Camille Hamadé

Produced by third-year Creative Producing student Yasmeen Gholmieh

When a scientist loses his company’s support to achieve his dream of harnessing solar energy, he quits his job to pursue other sources of funding and quickly realizes he may have put his life at risk.


2023 Sloan Screenwriting Grants

Folsom Man

Feature Film

Written by third year student Kristen Edney

An archaeology PhD finds the confidence to pursue her own methodologies as she traces the journey of a 19th century Black cowboy and naturalist to his discovery of the site of her research. The script is inspired by the true story of George McJunkin, an ex-slave, cowboy, and amateur naturalist, whose discovery of one of the most important archaeological sites in North America upended early 20th century eugenics theories of human evolution.


Killing Jar

Feature Film

Written by fourth-year student Vivienne Shaw

When the abrupt death of her mother launches her into a confusing web of family lies and secrets, a competitive entomology PhD student decides to study the insects on her mother's decomposing body in order to uncover the horrifying truth.


The Tektite

Teleplay for a Limited Series

Written by student Emily Everhard

On the cusp of 1970, elite female scientists arrive in the US Virgin Islands to compete for a spot on NASA’s next aquatic mission, “The Tektite.” As the women vie for a coveted spot, tensions arise between the candidates and the public’s doubt that women can complete the dangerous mission.