MA in Film and Media Studies

The Master’s Program in Film and Media Studies at Columbia takes up the evolution of cinema as an art, an institution, an object of philosophical study, and an international socio-cultural phenomenon. But digital image media have altered our conceptualizations of everything. Recently renamed to emphasize both motion picture film and the newest of new media, the program facilitates exploration from the one to the other and back. It is designed to consider current theoretical approaches and to look historiographically at trends such as the transition from motion picture film to digital media.Students concentrate in Motion Picture Film and Television or Media Art/Media Theory in their selection of elective courses either inside the School of the Arts or outside in Columbia University Arts and Sciences departments. Electives include: Cinephilia; The Documentary Tradition; Film and Philosophy; Queer Film Theory; The Western; The Blockbuster; Indian Cinema; Cuban Cinema; Chinese Documentary; Cult Film; Visual Bodies: Cinema to New Media; Seriality; Hacking the Archive; Digital Storytelling; Theory and Practice of Documentary Activism,  Sound and Image Theory, New Media Art, Sound Technology. 


MA in Film and Media Studies students have a unique opportunity to study motion picture film history and theory as well as new media theory in a world capital of film and television culture as well as technological innovation. They are afforded the advantages of research in New York area film and television archives and libraries: New York Public LibraryThe Paley Center for Media, and have held internships at Museum of the Moving ImageMuseum of Modern Art, Doc Films, and Film Society of Lincoln Center


A few Teaching Assistantships are available. Student Service positions employ students as Programming Assistants and Research Assistants. In the past, paid research projects include:


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Film and Media Studies MA Event Archive

"Zoom-In": MA Film and Media Students Curate

Starting Spring, 2018, recent MA Film and Media Studies graduates will screen rare titles related to completed Thesis projects in the Katharina Otto-Bernstein Screening Room at the Lenfest Center for the Arts, the new state-of-the-art screening room on the Columbia University Manhattanville campus.

Film MA Conferences

Students gain experience in academic symposia by participating in the yearly conference.


Fall 2019: Bang, Bang, Crash, Crash: Canon-Busting and Paradigm-Smashing


Fall 2018: Cinema’s World Migration Pattern: Two Day Student Symposium


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Fall 2017: Genre and Other Repetitions with Difference


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Film and Media Studies Faculty



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Senior Lecturer









Professor of Professional Practice



Professor of Professional Practice


Visiting Film and Media Studies Faculty



Adjunct Assistant Professor and Visiting Scholar


Adjunct Film and Media Studies Faculty



Adjunct Associate Professor, Spring, 2018



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Professor Emeritus, MIT, Fall semesters

Affiliated Faculty


Professor Stefan Andriopoulos (Germanic Languages and Cultures)

Professor Claudia Breger (Germanic Languages and Cultures)

Professor Jonathan Crary (Art History and Archaeology)

Professor Hamid Dabashi (Middle East, South Asian, and African Studies)

Associate Professor Noam Elcott (Art History and Archaeology)

Assistant Professor Hilary Hallett (History – American Studies)

Associate Professor Kellie Jones (Art History and Archaeology)

Associate Professor Brian Larkin (Anthropology)

Assistant Professor Debashree Mukherjee (Midd l e East, South Asian and African Studies)

Associate Professor Frances Negron-Muntaner (English)

Professor Julie Peters (English and Comparative Literature)

Assistant Professor Ying Qian (East Asian Languages and Cultures)

Assistant Professor Dennis Tenen (English and Comparative Literature)

Assistant Professor Takuya Tsunoda (East Asian Languages and Cultures)


Visiting Scholars 2019—20


Yan-Fei Song (PhD Candidate, Beijing Normal University)

Li Shiyu (PhD Candidate, Peking University)

Esther Hamburger and Carlos Calil (Visiting Tinker Professors, University of São Paolo, Brazil)

Luís Ricardo Araujo da Costa (PhD Candidate, University of Rio de Janiero, Brazil)

Janina Anja Lange (Royal College of Art, London)

Ling Zhang (Assistant Professor, SUNY- Purchase)


Visiting Scholars 2018—19


Liu Juan (PhD Candidate, Beijing Film Academy, Beijing, PRC)

Shilpi Gulati (PhD Candidate, Fulbright Scholar, Jawaharlal University, Delhi, India)

Marcella Grecco de Araujo (PhD Candidate, University of São Paolo, Brazil)

Yuka Kanno (Associate Professor, Doshisha University, Kyoto, Japan)


Visiting Scholars 2016-17


Manuel Garin (Senior Lecturer, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, Spain)

Li Yaqi (Ph.D. candidate, Beijing Normal University)


Visiting Scholars 2015—16


Liu Yang (Assistant Professor in the Department of Film and Theater at Nanjing University)

Hong Zeng (PhD candidate, City University of Hong Kong)

Kathleen Loock (Post-Doctoral Fellow at Freie Universität in Berlin)

Zhijun Peng (Instructor in the Department of Visual Arts at Tianjin University)

Barbara Szczekala (PhD candidate, Jagiellonian University)

Julio Bezerra (Fullbright Scholar and Post-Doctoral Researcher, Universidade Federal Fluminense)