Film and Media Studies MA Tuition

Columbia University School of the Arts awards over $13 million in student aid each year in the form of tuition scholarships, paid service positions, teaching appointments and institutional awards. The School of the Arts admissions process is need blind, which means that financial need is not factored into admissions decisions.

MFA Applicants who wish to have their financial need considered in potential offers of School of the Arts scholarship or fellowship aid (also referred to as “institutional aid”) must complete the following steps:

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First-Year Students

Second-Year Students (Extended Residence)

Additional Fees During the Academic Year

* Domestic students may request a waiver from the Columbia Student Health Insurance plan by submitting a waiver application at the beginning of the academic year with proof of comparable coverage. The Health Services Fee cannot be waived. International students must be insured through Columbia's plan except in rare circumstances when they are covered by a U.S.-based, employer-sponsored, group health plan (as a primary, spouse or dependent). Such requests are reviewed on a case by case basis. Please click here for more information.