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CULTURAL TRANSACTIONS: Across Media and Continents

December 4, 2021 - December 5, 2021
11:00 AM - 9:30 AM
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The Fifth Annual MA in Film and Media Studies Conference presents papers by the class of 2023 that address questions about sending and receiving, whether messages or cultures, signals or signs, from “here to there” or the over time “from…to” one historical time to another. And considers the transmissibility of some things but not others; the translatability or untranslatability of cultural works as well as representational taboos; the circulation of or inculcation into something else. Modes of dissemination, whether distribution, broadcasting, or streaming.

For questions, please email [email protected].

Co-sponsored by the Center for Comparative Media and Weatherhead East Asian Institute.

Conference Schedule

Friday, December 3, 2021
School of the Arts Film and Media Studies MA Program
Student Presentations

closed to the public

  • Panel 1: Reimagining Genre Conventions
    • Jack DeGhetto: The Lie of Mind-Game Transnationalism
    • Christine Lee: "Manchurian" Films Re-imagined through the Genre of the "Western"
    • Mollie Murtagh: Verisimilitudes of Sci-Fi
  • Panel 2: Diasporas Onscreen
    • Yiru Wang: Reinventing The Invisible Border: A Close Examination on the Chinese Wuxia Film
    • Viola Sun: Two Microcosmic Diasporas: Identities Repositioned in Swept Away
    • Yi-An Liao: Transnational Cinema: Borders and Diaspora
  • Panel 3: Into the New Age
    • Gavin Thibodeau: Scataesthetic: YouTube Poop and Spectacular Politics
    • Dennis Sun: The Transnational Spread of Media Material through the Danmaku Interface - The Platformtivity of Danmaku in Shaping Transnational Circulation.
    • Liyu Liu: Chinese Independent Cinema in the Age of "Digital Distribution"
  • Panel 4: Remediation: From Words to Moving Images
    • Bjorn Long: Adaptation as Transaction in The Green Knight
    • Timothy Amatulli: Good Morning Japan: The Television as an Evolution of Vocal Materiality
    • Jackson Lee: The Live-Action Remake as a Transcultural Phenomenon, OR The Ghost in the Shell of Ghost in the Shell
  • Panel 5: Comparative Transnational Cinema
    • Yuyuan Liu: Resemblance in Transnational Cinema - Tibetan Cinema and Iranian Cinema
    • Aciah Abdulsater: Crisis at the Checkpoint: A Radioactive Reading of the Transnational Act
    • Fiona Hou: Crime Genre Transnational: The Girl-next-door or Femme Fatale?
  • Screening: Sleepless Town (1998)

Saturday, December 4, 2021
The 2nd Annual Thomas Elsaesser Memorial Lecture 
"From Netflix to iQiyi: As the World Turns, Serial Dramas in Virtual Circulation"

  • Ying Zhu, Visiting Adjunct Professor of Film, Columbia University
    • Director, Centre for Film and Moving Image Research, Academy of Film, School of Communications, Hong Kong Baptist University
    • Founder and chief editor, Global Storytelling: Journal of Digital and Moving Images
    • Author, Hollywood in China: Behind the Scenes of the World’s Largest Movie Market (forthcoming)

11 am – 12:30 pm ET

School of the Arts Film and Media Studies MA Program
Student Presentations

closed to the public

  • Panel 1: Remaking, Reimagining
    • Tara Ebrahimian: Ezdevaj be Sabke Irani: A Tale of Localizing Adaptation
    • Joy Bao: Cyberspace Romance: E-mail and (Mis)communication in Hollywood and Japanese Cinema
    • Xiaoyang Pan: How Could Chinese Film Describe the Operation of the Jury System?
  • Panel 2: Across the Border of Gender
    • Chujing Zhao: Trans Aesthetics in Cinema since 1990s: Across Gender, Culture and History
    • Asiyah Syed: Metamorphoses: The Figure of Madame Butterfly in Film
    • Kaylee DeFreitas: The Remaking of The Final Girl
  • Panel 3: Translatable National Narrative
    • Soo Kang: Han and Its Translatability
    • Mingxuan Jiang: Chinese Film & The Development of Chinese Cultural Soft Power
    • Ailin Zhou: The “Sonic Invasion” and Shanghai Modernity in the 1930s
  • Panel 4: Question of the Origin
    • Molly Follette: Postponed Presentations: Realizing Lost Pasts through Deferment
    • Yezhou He: Chinese Film Festivals: From De-Westernization to Easternization
    • Yilun Li: The Digital Journey to the West: Wall-Crossing and the Infrastructure of Chinese Internet Media Piracy
  • Panel 5: Into the New Age (Pt. II)
    • Kate Sutton: Media Trailers: Recutting and Context
    • Frank Ming: From Animated Picture to Information Flow: For a Meta-rialist History of Moving Image

Sunday, December 5
"Virtual and Augmented Reality. Challenges in Experiencing Alterities"
University of Milan Visiting Faculty and PhD Student Presentations

  • The Rhetorics of 360° in Immersive Journalism - Andrea Pinotti (University of Milan - fellow at the Italian Academy at Columbia University)
  • Access to Otherness. Experiences of Mental Alteration in Virtual Reality Installations - Giancarlo Grossi (post-doc, University of Milan - visiting scholar at the Department of Germanic Studies, Columbia University)
  • Eye-Contact in VR: a Training Tool for People With Autism Spectrum Disorder? - Federica Cavaletti (post-doc, University of Milan - visiting scholar at the Italian Academy, Columbia University)
  • Disorienting Gender Identities: Pornographies and Virtual Reality - Roberto Malaspina (PhD student, University of Milan - visiting scholar at Columbia University School of the Arts)
  • Augmented Participation: Concrete Activism for the Reappropriation of Public Spaces - Sofia Pirandello (PhD student, University of Milan - visiting scholar at the Department of Art History and Archaeology, Columbia University)

9 am – 12:30 pm ET