Theatre MFA:
Required Creative Materials


Theatre applicants must specify a concentration in Acting, Directing, Dramaturgy, Playwriting, Stage Management, or Theatre Management & Producing on their application. In addition to your application, undergraduate transcript, three letters of recommendation, and application fee, you must provide the following creative materials. Please see the Admissions page for all information.


ALL applicants MUST submit the following:


1. Brief autobiography: Approximately 500 words summarizing the applicant's life and theatrical experience.


2. Statement of theatrical and personal objectives: Approximately 500 words describing the theatrical people, places, and principles that have inspired and guided the applicant’s aesthetic.


3. Current theatrical resume


Applicants must ALSO submit materials for the concentration they specify, as outlined below:




  1. A headshot in a high resolution format (approximately 5MB).

  2. An audition. All applicants must present two one-minute monologues, one classical and one contemporary. Sixteen bars of an a cappella song is optional to present.


Applicants will be prompted to schedule an audition once the application has been submitted. The first round of auditions will be held in New York City, Chicago, and San Francisco in January 2018. International Students will be asked to audition the Saturday morning of callback weekend in New York City in mid-February 2018. Callbacks and final callbacks will be held over a weekend in mid-February 2018.





A video that shows your best work as a director. The video should be 15 to 20 minutes long and  it is strongly recommend that applicants upload videos through our online application. If you do not have a video to submit, you may use a portfolio, but a video is strongly encouraged. Auditions are held by invitation only over one weekend in February 2018.





Two (2) writing samples between 5 to 15 pages each. Both pieces must be about the theatre in some way. The first of the two pieces MUST be an academic/analytical work. The second may be a translation into English from any language, a review, theatre article, a personal reflective essay or another creative piece of writing.





One full-length, or two one-act plays.



Stage Management


A production book from a play in which you worked as a stage manager. A selection of the strongest materials from said production book. Please be sure it includes blocking notation, set, prop and costume plots, daily rehearsals, calls, memos, and shift plots.



Theatre Management & Producing


Please choose one of the following:


  1. A press and publicity portfolio, size not to exceed one 1" three-ring binder.

  2. A portfolio of work you have created in the field of theatre management and/or producing, size not to exceed one 1" three-ring binder.

  3. A Theatre Manager's play analysis. This item should be in essay form, no longer than 750 words. Applicants are free to pick any play (full acting script only) and then present an analysis of the management and production issues in mounting a full production of that play, including any budgetary issues. The essay should also identify problems that may be encountered in producing the play and how these problems might be solved or avoided altogether.


Interviews for each concentration will be scheduled at the discretion of the Admissions Committee for each concentration.