**This course has been cancelled for 2022**

Advanced Printmaking Intensive

VA S4106 - 6 POINTS

MONDAY through FRIDAY, 10:00AM - 6:00PM - IN PERSON


Program Overview

The Printmaking intensive will focus on teaching students new/traditional printmaking techniques and developing skills on all levels. Students and professionals will have access to all printmaking techniques, but will focus in on their primary area of interest. Through the course, students will have the opportunity to visit artist’s studios and prime New York print shops. They will also be exposed to the inner workings of the publishing operation of the LeRoy Neiman Center for Print Studies at Columbia University.


Course Description and Structure

The course gives students opportunities to learn the processes of intaglio, silkscreen, cyanotype, solar plate, and woodcut by working with established contemporary artists and master printers. This course is designed for three distinct types of students: college graduates looking to apply for MFA programs, experienced printmakers looking to increase their knowledge of techniques and the inner workings of print shops, and seasoned artists and teachers wishing to learn additional techniques to bring to their practice.


For recent college graduates, the objective of the course is to create a printmaking portfolio in preparation for applications to MFA programs.


For seasoned artists and teachers, the course will enable them to learn new mediums and refine their current techniques.


For more experienced printmakers, the course will teach all the necessary skills to work in a professional print shop.


The Printmaking Intensive will feature the following elements:

  • Individual critiques by faculty and visiting artists
  • Group critiques
  • Lectures by nationally known artists
  • Visits to museums and print shops around the city
  • RISO, ILS Laser System, woodcut, intaglio, and silkscreen
  • The course gives students access to all Columbia University printing facilities – the 210 Print shop, 310 Print shop, and the Neiman Center Gallery.


Details of Program

This is a studio based on two different models. The European model of apprenticeship/ guild programs to learn techniques will meet the standard professional print shop model. We will also incorporate the MFA model of critique and discussion. There will be substantial independent work beyond the program hours, as we expect each student to use the demos to develop their own process and body of work.


  1. Slide and Portfolio Presentation:
    Early in the first week of the program each artist will give a brief slide presentation of their work to the group and primary faculty.
  2. Visiting Artist’s Lecture:
    Each week a prominent artist will present a lecture on his or her work, to be followed by discussion.
  3. Material and Technique Tutorials:
    Each student will focus on learning and developing skills in whichever medium is applicable to their process, guided by master printers. We will address concerns of paper, ink, chine collé, curating prints, registration and multiple layer printing, and editioning. In addition, students will learn to fabricate their own folio box or books.
  4. Visits to Museums and Print Shops around the city:
    We will (if able with current covid protocols) visit The MoMA, The Whitney Museum, and The Metropolitan, where students will be given a private viewing, with in depth exposure to their printmaking permanent collection. We will also visit print shops in the city, including Two Palms Press. We will also look at non-profit print shops, such as Lower East Side Printshop and the Bob Blackburn Printmaking Workshop.
  5. Group Critiques:
    Group critiques will take place weekly.
  6. Individual Critiques:
    Since we have a diverse range of applicants with varying artistic backgrounds and needs, individual critiques will be by appointment based on individual needs.
  7. Final Exhibition:
    At the end of the program in week six there will be an exhibition of student work at the LeRoy Neiman Gallery at Columbia University School of the Arts to celebrate the work done in the program.


Portfolio and Application Review (Optional)

For those artists who are applying for graduate programs the tuition includes a portfolio and application review and consultation in November or early December.



The Printmaking Intensive is a full-time immersion program, and students must be able to dedicate the full 6 weeks to participating in classes, field trips and studio practice. Classes will be held Monday – Friday.

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