The Blue List

Entering its tenth year, Columbia University Blue List Script Competition connects the Film Program’s most talented recent graduates with leading professionals in the world of film and television. The Blue List represents the most esteemed, unproduced screenplays and television pilots written by Film & Playwriting graduates of the Columbia University’s School of the Arts.

Scripts are submitted from recent graduates (up to five years) and are judged by students, faculty, and industry professionals (managers, agents, producers, executives, etc.). Winners of the Blue List will have their scripts hosted on the Black List and be offered some type of mentorship and guidance from the industry readers. A press release is sent out to garner more interest in the winning scripts.

The Blue List Script Competition is sponsored by the curated streaming service, MUBI.

“The proliferation of [Film School] lists in support of up-and-coming writers is probably the greatest honor the Black List has yet received. It's only natural that we make the scripts available to industry professionals for free for a limited time via the Black List website to provide an even higher profile stage for them. Columbia was one of the first, and if their alumni track record is any indication, industry professionals would be wise to download and read them on the site immediately."

Franklin Leonard, Black List Founder

"I have been consistently surprised at the high level of writing that I have judged the past two years. I have been on the Nicholl Fellowships committee of the Motion Picture Academy to judge scripts and I can say that the Blue List entries I have read are in a class with the best Academy scripts."

Jonathan Sanger, Film Producer and Returning Blue List Industry Judge