Film Alumna Diana Golts '15 Produces 'The Ruling Class'

Aisha Amin
September 15, 2023

Creative Producing alumna Diana Golts '15 has produced a brand new TV documentary series titled The Ruling Class currently streaming on MGM+ and Amazon Prime.

According to Golts, in 2019, documentary film studio Jigsaw Productions supported her very first TV development opportunity: the chance to create a series about billionaires who are affecting our everyday lives. The Ruling Class was born from that opportunity, and all four parts of the documentary series are now available to stream. 

The Ruling Class profiles members of the social and business elite such as Elon Musk, Betsy DeVos, Stephen Schwarzman and Peter Thiel—billionaires who use their money and outsized influence to manipulate the world around them.

Diana Golts is a Soviet-born, Toronto-raised filmmaker. She is passionate about films that deal with immigration, culture, and the working-class. Golts received her MFA in Creative Producing at Columbia University, where she produced various short films in three countries and four languages.