Alumnus Antonio Addessi '20 Publishes 'Sleeptalking' with Rebel Satori Press.

Rebecca Pinwei Tseng
April 29, 2022
'Sleeptalking' book cover

Rebel Satori Press recently published Sleeptalking by Alumnus Antonio Addressi '20. The collection of poems is available for purchase from the publisher.

Addressi's debut collection moves across the imagination and geography of dreams and shared intimacies. According to author Anaïs Duplan, Addressi creates a dreamwork of sounds that consists of "cultural music, the vocalization of the nuclear family relation, of queer love and sexuality." The language of Addessi's poems becomes intertwined with "the interpersonal music of our bodies."

To author Travis Chi Wing Lau, the poetics of Sleeptalking is "an inhabitation of transient, surreal images cascading across spatial and temporal lines transversing….To sleeptalk, Addessi teaches us, is to do this dreamwork of vulnerable imagination even as [it] may involve confrontations with [the] irrational, the queer, the painful. But it is also the work of soothsaying and witnessing—when the unconscious speaks in its own forms and when the propriety of speech gives way to poetry that demands our 'thinking about it in public.'"

Antonio Addessi is a poet and writer living in New York City. He received his BA in English from the University of Maine and his MFA in Poetry from Columbia University. His poems “old ironsides” and “fish and the creel” were published by Wrath-Bearing Tree.