Zuko Garagić

Zuko Garagić is a Czech-Bosnian filmmaker, documentarian, and writer. His works are rooted in the representation of memory and personal and collective trauma, interweaving essayistic and documentary tendencies with fiction. Zuko writes and collaborates with non-professionals, who also participate as actors, to encourage public participation in the expressive use of the medium. He holds a BFA from New York University, having graduated summa cum laude and in only two years, and an MFA from Columbia University, graduating in October 2023. While at Columbia University, Zuko taught an introductory course in Documentary Filmmaking.

Zuko Garagić’s works have screened and won at many international film festivals. His first film, based on a short story Zuko wrote at 16, premiered at the Odense Film Festival in Denmark. He is currently working on an interdisciplinary project examining the socioeconomic relations between Czechs and Bosnians during the late 19th century.