Valeria Guillén

Valeria Guillén (b.1992, Tegucigalpa, Honduras) works between NYC and Miami. She obtained her BFA from NWSA (Miami) in 2018 and co-founded Colectivo DIY in 2020 with Johann C Muñoz, Jon Millán, and Alejandro Valencia; a collective dedicated to exploring DIY culture in the Global South through gestures of generosity and acts of joy. Currently, Valeria Guillén is a candidate to obtain her Master in Fine Arts at Columbia University.

In her own work, Guillén pays attention to quotidian, mundane, and informal passive sculptures that often go unnoticed on public areas or domestic scenes. This overlooked collection of moments teases societal norms and ignites three-dimensional works that play with the plasticity between trashed and valued material. Through her investigation, she questions the shelf life of things in a world of material compulsion by making objects of care.