Shan Jiang

Shan Jiang is an independent writer-director based in New York City. She holds an MFA in Screenwriting from Columbia University. As an Asian, queer, and female-identifying individual who has spent the past decade studying cinema in the US, Shan is profoundly influenced by New Hollywood and its subversiveness. She believes that exploiting existing narrative tropes while incorporating new perspectives is one of the most impactful ways to engage with a wide range of audiences.

Shan often focuses on women, especially East Asian females. She draws inspiration from life and history while dramatizing incidents that have been deliberately overlooked. Unfortunately, these incidents usually involve women or ethnic minorities, if not both. In order to raise awareness, Shan emphasizes the social significance of these incidents with her narrative skills and aims to create reverberations in our time. She believes in the subversive power of breaking apart and re-contextualizing the past for a better future.