Translation Joint Course of Study


The minimum requirements for the joint course of study are as follows:

  • Two workshops through LTAC, which may be literary translation and/or Word for Word workshops. Literary translation workshops will be offered each semester; Word for Word is offered in the Spring. Students may spread the workshops over two years or complete them both in the same year. Only two workshops count towards the joint course of study.

  • An additional nine credits of coursework. This should include at least six credits of translation seminars and master classes offered within the Writing Program; the other three credits may be drawn from seminars, master classes, language courses, literature courses relevant to the student’s translation project, and/or internships.

All students intending to pursue the joint course of study are asked to make an appointment to meet with the LTAC director for advising as early as possible in their studies but no later than the end of their first semester. Students who enter the Writing Program already intending to pursue the joint course of study are advised to begin LTAC coursework their first semester.


About the LTAC Thesis

Students pursuing the joint MFA submit a translation thesis together with their thesis in Poetry, Fiction or Creative Non-Fiction. The LTAC thesis consists of 25-35 pages of translated fiction or non-fiction prose, or 15-25 pages of translated poetry, accompanied by a brief introduction.