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Faculty & Staff


We have a roster of Adjunct Assistant Professors who teach a photography class each semester and over the summer. This list of teachers  always evolves to give students exposure to a wide variety of technical skills and diversity of experiences.


Adjunct Assistant Professors (2022-23)





Photography MFA Graduate Alumni Listing by year




The Photography Area is located in 212 Dodge Hall and can be reached through the doorway off College Walk or by the stairs at the back of the LeRoy Neiman Gallery (310 Dodge Hall). The facilities include a gang black and white darkroom with 15 enlargers, black and white film processing area, and a photo finishing area. The Photography Classrooms are located on the first floor of Watson Hall (612 W.115th Street). Lab fees cover the cost of all chemistry and darkroom facilities.





Full list of classes with course descriptions can be found on the Visual Arts Bulletin.


If a class is listed as full, please put your name on the Waitlist for that class via CourseWorks. You must attend the first two class sessions or you will automatically be dropped from the class. Those not enrolled must also attend the first two class sessions or they will not be eligible to be added from the Waitlist. 



Darkroom Access


  • All MFA students who enter through the Photography Concentration have full access to the Darkroom, after completing on-boarding training.

  • Students taking Introductory Darkroom Photography or Advanced Darkroom Photography will use the Darkroom during class hours, and complete their projects during Lab Hours.
  • During Lab Hours the darkroom is kept open by trained student monitors who mix chemistry, answer student questions, and keep the facility clean and safe. Taking Introductory Darkroom Photography is a prerequisite to becoming a monitor, and is the best way to gain access to the darkroom during semesters when you are not taking a photography class. Students interested in being a monitor should contact the Photography Fellow at [email protected]


Darkroom Hours: http://bit.ly/darkroomhours



Technical Documents


PHOTOGRAPHY: PHOTO I Supply List. Everything you need to purchase for this class.

Recommended 35mm SLR Cameras. These cameras are suitable for all classes.

Photography Area Technical Guide (8.5mb pdf). Last updated 9/14/2012.

Enlarger Diagram (111kb jpeg). A labeled diagram of our enlargers.

Photo Area's YouTube channel We post HOW TO videos on our channel

Light Meter Exposure Sheet (pdf). The only light meter you will need!





Nippon Photo Clinic: 212-982-3177



Camera & Darkroom Supplies




Social Media


Updates and photography related news on the Visual Arts Facebook and Instagram.



Frequently Asked Questions


Q: I took photography in high school, or in another school. Can I skip the Intro Darkroom prerequisite before using the darkroom?

A: For undergraduates, our classes are designed to be specific to our facilities, and pedagogical path. Therefore we ask you to take Intro Darkroom to understand our processes over a semester. For MFAs who have entered through another Concentration (Painting, Sculpture, Printmaking, Expanded Media), we also similarly ask you to take Intro Darkroom class to go through a semester-long process.



Q: I have a digital SLR Camera. Can I use it for class ?

A: Introduction to Analog Darkroom and Advanced Darkroom Photography classes use film cameras exclusively and we make Black and White prints in the Darkroom. You may use SLR Camera for the Photobook class, Archive Photography, and Photo Graduate Seminar.



Q: Is there a Photography Major? 

A: MFA candidates can enter through the Photography Concentrations, but are free to take classes in all mediums (Painting, Sculpture, Printmaking, Ceramic, etc.) and usually do. BA Students can choose a Visual Arts Major or Concentration. For both BA and MFA students, we believe exposure to a wide variety of mediums are essential. Many Photo Concentration students do choose to focus their coursework on Photography related courses, and take Independent Study with Photography Professors, as well as design Thesis projects that have the photographic medium at its core. 



Q: I have a question about classes, cameras, or something photography related. Who can I contact ?

A: For questions related to Facilities & Equipment, email Dana Buhl. For questions about curriculum and the overall program, email Naeem Mohaiemen.