Welcome to the Photography Area's Resource Page

The Photography Area is located in 212 Dodge Hall and can either be reached through the doorway off of College Walk or by taking the stairs at the back of the LeRoy Neiman Gallery (310 Dodge Hall). The facilities include a gang black and white darkroom with 15 enlargers, black and white film processing area, and a photo finishing area. The Photography Classrooms are located on the first floor of Watson Hall (612 W.115th Street). Lab fees cover the cost of all chemistry and darkroom facilities.


Photography Classes


Full list of classes with course descriptions can be found on the Visual Arts Bulletin.

If a class is listed as full, please put your name on the Wait List for that class via CourseWorks.*

*Note: You must attend the first two class sessions or you will automatically be dropped from the class. Those not enrolled must also attend the first two class sessions or they will not be eligible to be added from the Wait List. 


Faculty & Staff

  • Naeem Mohaiemen, Associate Professor of Visual Art & Concentration Head for Photography, [email protected]

  • Delphine Fawundu, Assistant Professor of Fine Arts & Director of Graduate Studies Visual Arts Program, [email protected]

  • Dana Buhl, Manager of Photography Facilities, Adjunct Assistant Professor, [email protected]

  • Jeremy Qin, 2020 Photography Fellow, [email protected]


Darkroom Monitors and Hours


During Lab Hours the darkroom is kept open by trained student monitors who mix chemistry, answer student questions, and keep the facility clean and safe. Taking Photo 1 is a prerequisite to becoming a monitor, and becoming a monitor is the best way to gain access to the darkroom during semesters when you are not taking a photography class. Students interested in being a monitor should contact the Photography Fellow at [email protected].


Darkroom Hours are available at this website: http://bit.ly/darkroomhours


Photography Resources










Social Media

We do communicate updates and photography related news through the Visual Arts Facebook and Instagram.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q: I took Photo in High School/Another School. Can I skip the Photography: Photo I pre-requisite ?

A: No. Our classes are unlike any other class you are likely to have taken.

Q: I have a digital SLR Camera. Can I use it for class ?

A: Advanced Photo III Seminar: YES. Photography: Photo I and Photography: Photo II: NO. We use film cameras exclusively and we make Black and White prints in the Darkroom.

Q: The class I want is listed as Full. What can I do to try and get in the class ?

A: Sign up for the Wait List for that class via CourseWorks and attend the first two sessions of the class in which you wish to enroll.

Q: Is there a Photography Major?

A: No, but there may be a Photography Concentration in the near future.


Q: I have a question about classes, cameras, or something photography related. Who can I contact ?

A: Stop by the Photography Office in 212 Dodge Hall during Office Hours.