Catalina Bestard

Student Spotlight: Catalina Bestard '18

April 21, 2017

The Student Spotlight series aims to highlight the work of current MFA students, asking them to share thoughts on their practice by answering curated and peer-submitted questions. Catalina Bestard Rotger '18 is a first-year student in the Visual Arts Program


What themes or subjects are you currently addressing in your work?

I am addressing subjects of memory, personal history and place. In my most recent project  I work with photographs I took at my grandma's abandoned house in Mallorca. These photographs have become the archive I now use to create a new work by overlaying them with my spaces in New York. I intend to open a conversation between past and present, memories and physical spaces. I like to think that while overlaying the images I am creating the possibility of a future.

What materials do you work with?

I currently use photography, video and projections. Light in different forms.

What is challenging your practice right now?

A constant conversation between a more traditional way of understanding photography and all the possibilities that the medium has to represent ideas through a more abstracted approach.

What artist or work of art do you find yourself returning to and why?

I always go back to singer songwriter Juana Molina. I like that she was a popular tv star and quit to become an experimental musician when she was over thirty and she is still going. I like that during the last ten years she has navigated towards a certain abstraction with her lyrics and music. And I feel very related to her lyrics -that constantly reference memory- and her creative process, that includes repetition and overlaying through the use of loop pedals.

Your peers ask: who is your favorite rapper?

I don't have one, but i will mention feminist Barcelona duo Barna Bitches.