Art from Fear, an exhibit by Dana DeGiulio, image courtesy of take care gallery

Assistant Professor Dana DeGiulio in Solo Exhibit 'Fear'

BY Audrey Deng, February 10, 2020

In Los Angeles’s take care gallery, Assistant Professor Dana DeGiulio has a solo exhibit titled Fear. Primarily featured in the gallery are DeGuilio’s paintings of flowers. There are two works in the exhibition: Instead and Our Bodies. Instead is a comprised of thirty-one paintings of flowers, and Our Bodies is one painting.

In an interview conducted with Yale’s radio WYBC in August 2019, DeGiulio talks about her process of painting flowers. She buys bouquets from the hospital near her studio in Brooklyn and paints them each day as they decay. “There’s a point after which they don’t desiccate or dry out any painting takes longer than twenty-four hours, or the daylight, really,” said DeGiulio [1:40]. A single bouquet can produce a fairly large series of paintings. She mentions in the same interview working with a friend in Los Angeles to set up a gallery.

Last February, DeGiulio also published a 164-page book titled Nefertiti for the Blind.

In her bio, DeGiulio describes herself as “us[ing] painting to get at other things like writing and citizenship and thinks that art is just the same grief bounding after you day after day, bringing you its wet toy.”

take care is an artist run gallery project by Molly Duggan and Brendan Getz, both graduates of the low residency MFA program at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago directed by Gregg Bordowitz. They approach take care as a space informed by an expanded sense of community rooted in poetics, as a stewardship platform for artists who are based outside of Los Angeles or underrepresented in public discourse, and inflect an urgent tender sense to their work.