Columbia Filmmakers Head to Sundance and Slamdance

January 2, 2017

Columbia University continues to have strong representation at prestigious film festivals this year. Twenty-five Columbia alumni, including writers, directors, producers, cinematographers, and post-supervisors, will showcase at the Slamdance and Sundance film festivals. Slamdance Film Festival runs January 20–26. Sundance Film Festival runs January 19–29.

Notably, School of the Arts Alumna Francisca Alegria ’16 has been accepted to the Sundance Screenwriters Lab, a five-day workshop at the Sundance Resort that runs during the festival. Her script, The Cow that Sang a Song About the Future, tells a story in rural Chile, where strange things begin to happen. A herd of cattle suddenly and mysteriously falls dead, a deceased woman inexplicably returns home, and an estranged family reunites with its aging patriarch to face up to their complicated history. Algeria is the writer and director.

The complete list of accepted filmmakers is below.


Sundance Film Festival

Whose Streets?   

Sabaah Folayan CC '13, Director
Andrew Hauser SOA '12, Post-production supervisor
Larissa Rhodes SOA '14, Producer
Shrihari Sathe SOA '09, Co-producer
Joe Murphy SOA '08, Co-editor
Hillary Jordan SOA '04, Writer (novel)
Mako Kamitsuna GS '92, Editor
Francisca Alegria SOA '16, Director and Writer
Birgit Gernboeck SOA '16, Producer
Shakti Bhagchandani SOA '18, Writer/Director
Emre Gulcan SOA '18, Writer
Phumzile Sitole SOA '16, Supporting Actor
Aaron Morton SOA '16, Supporting Actor
Sophie Finkelstein SOA '18, Producer
James Schamus, SOA Faculty, Producer
Caton Clark SOA '05, Editor
Elisa Lleras SOA '11, Executive Producer
Kimberley Peirce SOA '96, Co-director
Jim Strouse, SOA Writing
Rosemarie Troche, SOA Adjunct, Lead Artist
Sophie Finkelstein SOA '18, Producer
Mary Jane Skalski, SOA Faculty, producer
Rob Richert SOA '13, Co-producer
Maiken Baird CC '89, Executive Producer
Maiken Baird CC '89, Executive Producer
Chris Teague SOA '06, Director of Photography
Marshall Lewy SOA '06, Executive Producer

Slamdance Film Festival


I'm In Here
Julie O'Leary SOA '16, Producer
Willie Berliner SOA '17, Director/Screenwriter
Chandra C. Silver SOA '15, Co-Producer
Angelos Rompolis SOA '15, Director of Photography
Tim O'Connor SOA '17, Assistant Director
Andrew K. Li SOA '16, Co-producer
Eric Schuman SOA '17, Additional Photography


Automatic At Sea

David Henry Gerson CC '08, Producer, Lead actor