'Marta Nesspek Presents,' A Digital Shorts Series from Columbia Alumni

Angeline Dimambro
April 06, 2022

Several Columbia University alumni have teamed up to create a new original series of digital shorts, entitled Marta Nesspek Presents. They are: Logan Reed ’21 (director), Kate Pressman ’20 (writer, illustrator, and hands performer), Elizagrace Madrone ’20 (producer and dramaturg), and Josh Brown ’20 (soundtrack composer). 

Marta Nesspek Presents is a presentation of “six succinct cinematic selections hand-rendered in glorious monochrome.” The series employs a combination of illustrations, which are then animated by Pressman’s hand performance. The shorts themselves are also accompanied by original musical compositions from Brown and the series’ other composers, and voice acting from a talented troupe of actors brings the illustrations to life.

The series is the second seasonal production from 23.5° tilt, co-founded by Pressman and Madrone, a production company making space-driven theatrical creative works in real and unreal spaces. Marta Nesspek Presents premiered on January 3, 2022 with its first short, “A Very Special Holiday Episode,” which you can watch here.

The next episode, “A Misunderstood Monster,” was streamed live on March 31 at 8:30 pm and is available to watch. Watch the trailer below.