Columbia Filmmaker Participates in Berlinale Talents program

Aisha Amin
March 06, 2023

The 21st edition of the Berlinale Talents just wrapped up and Columbia alumna Apoorva Charan ’18 was one of the participants in the week-long program. 

The Berlinale Talents supports filmmakers from countries all over the world, especially those dealing with times of political upheaval and crisis, to come together during the Berlin International Film Festival for a week of creative collaboration.

The theme for this year’s program was ‘Humour in all its Facets’ and emphasizes how laughter and humor can relieve and resolve our fears—especially in this day and age.

The theme was heavily reflected in all the elements and workshops in the program. The program consisted of talk backs with established directors and writers such as Ruben Ostlund and Kirsten Johnson, as well as workshops with well known actors such as Cate Blanchett and John Malkovich.

Apoorva Charan is an LA based producer who was born in Hyderabad, India and raised in Northern California. Passionate about narrative storytelling, Charan has produced over twenty short films including Lonely Blue Night starring Diana Lin which is licensed to HBO and will be premiering at the Atlanta Film Festival. Charan was a 2019 Project Involve creative producing fellow for Film Independent and after working at Big Beach and Walt Disney Studios, moved to Blue Harp to work with Micah Fitzerman-Blue & Noah Harpster. Her producing projects include Joyland, directed by fellow Columbia alumnus Saim Sadiq ’19 and Gulaab, a feature film set in Pakistan which was selected for the Open Doors Hub at Locarno in 2018 and Akra, a series set in coastal India. Focused on diverse and innovative storytelling, Charan aims to produce refreshing and unique narratives for a global audience.