Installation view of Intersections, featuring Stipan Tadic '20

Alumnus Stipan Tadić '20 in Joint Exhibition ‘Intersections’

BY Brittany Nguyen, March 22, 2021

The Mucciaccia Gallery New York presents the new exhibition Intersections, featuring two solo projects by New York based artists including alumnus Stipan Tadić ’20.


The exhibition features both figurative and abstract paintings that represent the artists’ perceptions of the world, and reflect the forms they create to translate and refract those observations. 


Tadić’s works build on a “tradition of depicting New York City night scenes, employing a beautiful and delicate range of colors that capture the street life atmosphere of a night walk in the East Village. Temporal touches give ephemeral and subjective clues of Tadić’s experiences of moments, reflecting both familiar and personal aspects of a neighborhood that welcomed Tadić recently,” according to the Mucciaccia Gallery.


Working with imagination and local inspiration, Tadić builds elements of his reality into works that are inspired by what he sees during frequent night walks. Tadić explains, “In my work I like to capture the outside world and bring it to life together with a strong subjective aspect. In this way I am juxtaposing the inner to the outer world. As a tool for that I use references from video games, and combine them with classical European masters such as Brueghel, the German expressionists or underground comics from the 60s.” 


Tadić (born 1986, Zagreb, Croatia), earned an MA in painting from the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb and an MFA from Columbia. His first solo exhibition was in Zagreb in 2009 and since then he has had numerous solo exhibitions. His work was recently included in Alone Together, a group show that featured work by twenty-three members of the celebrated Columbia University MFA Class of 2020. This is Tadić's first solo exhibition with Steve Turner.


Intersections is on view from February 16 through April 16, 2021.