Alumnus Dennard Dayle '17 Sells 'Everything Abridged'

Nicole Saldarriaga
June 28, 2021
Dayle Dennard headshot

Writing alumnus Dennard Dayle ’17 recently sold his debut book, Everything Abridged, at auction to Overlook Press. The collection of stories will be released in Spring 2022. 

The satirical stories in this collection are partially inspired by Neal Stephenson's Snow Crash and Professor Paul Beatty's The Sellout. Each story is interspersed with reference entries that provide commentary on "the state of Black America, the advertising industry, and post-human law enforcement practices."

According to Dayle, "Everything Abridged combines my three loves: comedy, sci-fi, and attention. I liked the idea of using The Devil’s Dictionary-style short definitions as palate cleansers between stories. I think the results are a lot of fun, and a good fit for current attention spans. My Columbia thesis actually morphed into an entry in [the book] (the apocalypse gave me a lot of revision time)."

Dennard Dayle is a New York-based superpredator, specializing in writing, comedy, and illegal pranks. He studied “liking books” at Princeton and Columbia, where he spoke a great deal and learned very little. He co-hosts the anime podcast Weeaboo Hell and started the companion website, See More Evil