Tamar Ettun, still from It’s Not a Question of Anxiety, 2014

m.i.o.k | Spring 2020 (Closed Early)

Curated by Roni Aviv

Opening reception: February 27th 5-7pm 

Exhibition: Feburary 27-March 20


Featured artists Aika Akhmetova, Tamar Ettun, Rochelle Feinstein, Dana Hoey, Yifan Jiang, Leeza Meksin, Kiyomi Quinn Taylor

m.i.o.k was an exhibition featuring the work of seven contemporary artists. It reflected on the absurdity of being. Each artist, in their own way, challenged the ‘socially appropriate’ norms and constructs. They confronted these issues by engaging in an expanded play. A play which can be, in turn, sculptural, performative, narrative and linguistic. Through reconstructing and reshaping that which is present, they created their own alternatives of what could be. m.i.o.k wished to set question marks around social consensus and norms. The artists works echo one unified conceptual methodology. Their uncompromising honesty, vulnerability and humor introduced new entry points to understanding a world and oneself within it.


Supported by the Interdisciplinary Arts Council.




March 10, 2020

Current student Roni Aviv is the curator of m.i.o.k., a show currently on view at the LeRoy Neiman Gallery at Columbia University.

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