Unique Exhibition of Columbia Artwork Projected in Times Square

BY William Hutton, February 2, 2022

A unique exhibition of video art by students enrolled in Columbia’s Visual Arts MFA will be shown in Times Square between 6-8pm this Thursday, February 3, 2022. 


In Time is a concept visual art exhibition presented by ZAZ10ST to be projected on a large LED billboard in ZAZ Corner in Times Square. The exhibition will feature short films by students and faculty: Conor Dowdle, Nick Farhi, Amadeo Morelos Favela, Fadl Fakhouri, Elisheva Gavra, Jacq Groves, Erin Elise Holland, Sophie Kovel, Joseph Liatela, Mimi Park, Vivian Vivas, Ryan Wang, and Mentor Rona Yefman


Students featured in the exhibition represent varied cultural backgrounds from across the US and the world. These artists work across all forms of media, including sculpture, painting, video, performance, photography, and conceptual art.


Through their artistic process for this exhibition, students expressed their lives and the era in which we live. Artworks surround the connections we have to nature, family, identity, media, the creative process, and city life. Their video work finds moments of intimacy, friendship, and beauty amidst the omnipresence of our mass mediascape. The hope of In Time is to create a beautiful and humanistic video program that reaches out—even in a single moment—to the hearts of people passing by.