‘Troublemaker’ by Student Olive Nwosu Makes Waves on Festival Circuit

BY Felix van Kann, November 20, 2020

Troublemaker, a short film written and directed by student Olive Nwosu, is making waves on the festival circuit. The film currently screens at the Africa In Motion Film Festival through November 29 where it runs as one of 15 films in the Short Film Competition and is free to watch online for the duration of the festival. Nwosu also took part in an online panel discussion Monday 16 November to further discuss the project. Nwosu, who was recently awarded a Pigott/BAFTA Scholarship, additionally appeared in an interview about the film for the festival's website (read it here).


Troublemaker is set on an excruciatingly hot day in East Nigeria, where a young boy learns the hard way that all actions have consequences. The film is a coming of age story about masculinity and violence. What are the devastating effects of war across different generations and on local communities?


The short was also recently screened at the Raindance Film Festival as part of the Narrative Short section and a nominee for Best Short of The Festival.


Olive Nwosu was born in Nigeria. In 2020 she became a BAFTA Scholar. She is also an Alex Sichel Fellow at Columbia University School of the Arts and an African Promises director of the Institut Français’ Africa-2020 programme. Her work is informed by her experiences across multiple continents.