Theatre Student Alison Savino Co-Produces Multimedia Project 'Time (Is)'

BY Amanda Breen, January 7, 2021

Theatre student Alison Savino is co-producer of Time (Is), a multimedia project weaving together original poetry, documentary filmmaking, movement, and music to delve into the lived experiences of persons of color during this era of social unrest and COVID-19. Savino presents Time (Is) with co-producer Josh A. Campbell in association with The Institute for Anti-Racist Education and with the support of the School of the Arts.


According to a press release for the show, Time (Is) is inspired by Beyoncé’s album Lemonade and is a project that “re-centers the stories of persons of colors dealing with disabilities and women's rights to the forefront of Black Lives Matters, while inviting the viewer to reflect on who we remember, what we remember, and how we remember the persons, places, and rituals, that shape our everyday lives.” Time (Is) invites viewers to reimagine an anti-racist world via participation in open dialogues, collective artmaking, and community building.


The production features poetry written by Campbell (Time IsWhen you tend to spirit, you water your spiritual garden, and Come Sunday). Additional collaborators include Azure, Katherine George, Stormy Weather, Jakub Poniatowski, Dylan DeFeo, Nicole Agosto, Agata Poniatowski, An Le, Ayla Xuan Chi Sullivan, Christina Nanas, Freddy Amill, Gerard Quinn, Jasmine N. Skinner, Jordan Fleming, Joshua C. Thomas, Natalie Demi, Owl, Precious Coleman, Samantha Bednarski, Tenneh Sillah, and Trí Lê.  

The Institute for Anti-Racist Education “is committed to ensuring that every student receives an education that is truthful, free from bias, liberating, and offered in a supportive, decolonized setting.” The Institute offers free anti-racist resources along with anti-racist educator workshops and individualized coaching sessions to address systemic oppression and empower teachers to best serve their students. 


Savino is an Actors’ Equity Association Stage Manager and theatre artist from Long Island. She graduated from Wagner College with a BA in Theatre with a concentration in Design, Technology, and Management. Currently, she is employed at the New Argyle Theatre in Babylon Village on Long Island, where she contributes to stage management, scenic painting, prop design, and production coordination. 


Time (Is) went live in December of 2020. Tickets to view the production are available for purchase on a sliding scale here. All proceeds will benefit The Institute for Anti-Racist Education.