Seven Alumni Work Together on New Hit Series, 'Tuesday Nights'

January 15, 2019

Seven Theatre alumni came together to create the new hit web series, Tuesday Nights. It is a true collaboration of minds, including creator Shiva Kalaiselvan '15 and fellow actors Julia Joyce-Barry '15, David Fierro '11, as well as playwrights Celine Song '14, Harrison Rivers '09 and Laura Zlatos '15, and dramaturg Jolene Noelle '15.


Tuesday Nights follows multiple actors playing one character. “It’s six episodes explore 24 hours in the life of one woman on the day she signs her divorce papers. Each episode is written by a playwright, and features five different actors in the lead role: Tony nominee Daphne Rubin-Vega, Tony nominee Michelle Wilson, Julia Joyce-Barry, Rachel Lu, and Shiva Kalaiselvan. All six episodes were directed by Joe Bandelli,” according to Playbill.


"From the beginning, it was incredibly important to us that Tuesday Nights portrayed a New York City that felt real. We wanted the series and the characters it portrayed to be inclusive, diverse and above all, honest," creator Shiva Kalaiselvan said. "Thanks to our incredible writers—who just happen to be some of the best playwrights working today—and our extraordinary cast and director, I believe we've done just that."


Harrison Rivers, who wrote episode four said, “I was definitely intrigued by the premise of this particular mini-series, by the idea that several different writers would be contributing to one character's, one woman's, story. It was both a highly individual and deeply collaborative experience simultaneously. A rare, and definitely exciting, challenge.”


Laura Zlatos, writer of episode five and six said, “The individuality of each writer's voice and every actress's performance is one of the series' greatest assets. Although I knew about the main events occurring in each episode preceding mine, I chose not to read the other writers' scripts in advance so that they wouldn't consciously or unconsciously influence my writing in the final two episodes. When I later heard all of the scripts aloud, the styles and voices varied, but there were some beautiful moments of continuity across the series that wouldn't have been as successful if they weren't organic. Shiva had a strong vision for the series, so she and Jolene were able to craft a story that simultaneously evoked the ordinary and the extraordinary, the unique and the universal.”


The series is available for viewing on, along with more information about creators, writers and cast.